MSc. Zygmunt Dzięgielewski


  • September 9, 1940 (75 years old)
    Warsaw Poland


  • Swedish


  • Warsaw University of Technology (1959-1964).
  • In 1966 he began studying mathematics at the University of Warsaw,
    but due to the inefficiency of university studies in relation
    the polytechnic, resigned in favor of an interesting job
    in Electronic Betting “Warel” -T12.


  • Technical Communications No. 1 in Warsaw (1954-1958)
  • High School Adam Mickiewicz (1953-1954).
  • Primary School No. 143 in Warsaw them. Stefan Starzynski (1946-1953).



  • Betting Magnetic “Polfer” – a constructor.
  • Betting Electronic T12 – st. Constructor.
  • COBR ZSI – leading constructor.
  • Promoter thesis at the Faculty of Fine Mechanics Warsaw University of Technology


  • Pumpable concrete production technologist, manager of the power plant and repair service.


  • The former co-owner and owner of the company Stockholms Radiobyrå  AB.
  • The owner of the company ZDConsulting.

Discoveries in physics

  • The discovery of the Objective Universal Time in the universe and the method of its measurement.
  • Demonstrating of the existence of the ether as a material carrier of interactions in the universe
  • Defining ether as a quantum liquid.
  • Defining photons as the swirling quantum fields with energy equal to Planck’s constant h and different moments of momentums.
  • Demonstrating that the photon is not a basic particle of the atomic matter but the quantum of ether matter energy.
  • Defining quantum entanglements, as initiated copel quantums atomic matter, by ether matter.
  • Description of the physical action of the capacitor